Tables are made one at a time. We start with the size of the top, allowing space for seating and proper scale in the room.

Great care is taken in the selection of boards for table tops. Initially this is done as the lumber is delivered. The most exceptional pieces are put aside. Later this process is duplicated as we search to match grain and color for a specific order.

The base is designed for function as well as appearance, and chair spacing is carefully measured, given the client's needs. We make five basic table designs: cross leg, tapered leg, pedestal, curved edge trestle, and straight edge trestle.

Click on any underlined caption below to view a larger image, or to view dimensions where indicated.

Crossed Base, Round Table

54" diameter, 29" high
Cherry, can be ordered in any size.

Tapered Leg Table
Tapered Leg Table Dimensions

84" long, 26" wide, 29" high
A versitile design which can be ordered with a round, square, rectangular or oval top, or as an expandable table with a leaf.

Expanding Table, Curved Edge Top

Expanding Table, Oval Pedestal
Expanding Table Dimensions

8' to 10' long, 48" wide, 29" high
This table is available with the curved edge top or as an oval pedestal, as shown in the lower image and the dimensions drawings.

Curved Edge Trestle Table

Curved Edge Trestle Table Dimensions

78" long, 58" wide, 29" high
This shape is especially suited for a square room; it allows for the use of one or two chairs at the ends and three along the sides. Equally successful in other sizes (as shown below), the trestle base is curved to match the shape of the top.

Smaller Curved Edge Trestle Table

Straight Edge Trestle Table

84" long, 36" wide, 29" high
This beautifully proportioned table can be ordered to suit your individual space requirements. The base is recessed 15" from the ends so chairs can be used anywhere along the edge.