In our shop we believe that craftsmanship is based on an honest relationship between design and material. One person constructs each piece from start to finish-- selecting the wood, fashioning the joints, and assembling the parts with individual attention and care.

This is not the most efficient way to make furniture, of course; certainly it would be faster and easier to settle on standard-sized pieces and inventory the component parts. But each of us derives great satisfaction from the completion of each piece and the renewed anticipation of working on the next.

Joinery on our beds is simple, straightforward, and very strong. Mortise and tenon joints on the rails and posts are stamped with corresponding numbers so that they can be easily locked together with the bedbolt and wrench provided. Setup takes about fifteen minutes.

Chairmaking is an accurate endeavor which begins at the design level and continues through the building process. The half-lap dovetail joint connects the legs to the rockers.
This is accomplished entirely by hand and must be very precise.

Each piece of furniture is sanded to 320 grit before it comes into the finish room. We then apply three coats of penetrating oil with 400-grit sanding between all the coats. A final thin coat of waterproof varnish is applied and burnished with steel wool when dry. Our furniture has the soft glow of an oil finish, but with the added protection of the varnish it will not watermark or stain and is very easy to care for. Each piece is signed and dated before being carefully packed for shipment.

Our enthusiasm for detail is carried inside our furniture, where we finish a drawer side in the same manner as a table top.

Our work is available in several hardwoods: